Jacks Analytics was developed and formed purely because it was instantly recognised that due to the rapid growth in the Online Gaming Sector there would be a need for a more accessible and cost effective way for Online Operators to exploit the way in which they handled their Marketing

Through consistent and on going research it was established that most land based operators believed that high volumes of traffic would be the answer to achieving revenue as most SEO`s would advise, however this is not the case.

Questions regarding this naturally evolved:

What about the customers Journey?

Are you really fore-filling your customer's needs, hunger and desire to return time and time again?

If your answer to the last question is that you feel you are, then how do you quantify your answer?

Have “you” as an operator, maximised the potential of each visitor to your Website?

Do you factually know the information you receive and if so how do you incorporate this into your site, which in turn maximises the potential of your ROI?

As these questions required answering, the newly formed Jacks team set about to do just that. They realised that there was a need for a suite of tools to handle this and so they commenced development of such a program, “JIAS”. The tools available within this program would therefore assist the relevant people with factual information to make the site really perform beyond expectations and give MD`s a hands on grip and foresight into their business, also complimenting it with a Birdseye view and Structured Reporting system that would be written in such a way that everyone involved in the business could understand.

The man behind this concept is Derek Booth, an internet marketer in Wigan.

Derek, who is to date a renowned specialist in the field of online Marketing and has been for many years. Calling on a vast range of business knowledge Derek took up the challenge and designed “JIAS” specifically for the Gaming Industry and thus the birth of the division known as Jacks Analytics is here at your service.