Aug 23, 2013
Category: General
Peter White from Casino Life Magazine interviews Edwin Ford and Derek Booth on Jacks Analytics.

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Here is sneak preview on a couple of the questions.

What are the key features of this system?

The reporting is pretty smart, the birds-eye report can be read in seconds and this helps a non-marketing person with decision making.

I also like the way we take the intelligence and rework this knowledge back into the clients marketing activities. It is a great feeling the following month when you can clearly see the results of the intelligence.

I would say the key features are the reporting, intelligence and ability to help and work with the existing marketing teams.

One big advantage over Google Analytics is that our system looks at and reports on all traffic, Google hides a large portion of data hidden from its users. You can see the hidden data under (not provided) in Google analytics.** Amend** Google is hiding more and more data in it's analytics reporting.

Although business communications and operations are now very much in the digital age, there are still many operators that run very simple but reliable systems, why change and take the risks?

Anyone who has a website can benefit from JIAS. If you don’t want to use your website as part of your marketing then our service will not be of value to you.
The flip side being, anyone who does use their website as part of marketing can benefit. Even if you are just looking for lead generation and not a full online gaming solution. We help you to direct your marketing.