The JIAS system reports based upon device considerations. With two levels of detail offered for every channel we have the answers which can be easily interpreted.

As an example mobile users often exhibit different search behaviour patterns.

Touch screen devices don’t have mouse-over as an option.

It is becoming increasingly important to employ a fully responsive design.

Delivering ROI

Very often in the world of marketing things are seen as costs and necessary evils. You may know you should do some marketing, email perhaps or even the 'black art' of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Where do you start? Why do you need SEO if you have PPC? (Pay Per CLick)

The reporting will demonstrate ROI and help you to identify new markets. Using the proprietry software and intelligence within the reporting, JIAS will show you the way. Highlighting the good and bad and providing you the solutions to enhance your failing campaigns whilst at the same time identifying the best performing traffic.

A common 'requirement' of a website owner is to bring in more traffic because more traffic equals more sales... Well at Jacks Analytics we don't view things in this way.

What if you could reduce your traffic but increase conversions?

Once you have discovered the converting traffic, JIAS profiles and provides you instructions to replicate. NOW is the time to increase traffic effectively.